More than an application for time stamping.
A comprehensive solution for the daily management of the working day.

  • Workday Schedule control of the workday
  • Schedule Agenda with personalized schedules
  • Telework Telework record
  • Signature Registration of the day by signature
  • Shift management Shift management
  • Quadrant Vacances quadrant
  • Notifications Low TD notifications direct to HR
  • Geolocation Workday signing with geolocation
  • Work parts Work part notices
  • Travel Travel
  • Extra Hours Control of Extra Hours
  • Pauses Control of breaks and work breaks
  • Hour Bonus Management of Bonus Hours
  • Permits Control of Paid and Unpaid Leave
  • Incidents Report of signing incidents
  • Monthly Report Monthly report of worked hours
  • Board Employee bulletin board
  • Payroll Monthly payroll
Control Presencial
Control Presencial
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